Founded in Japan in 1947 by Doshin So, Shorinji Kempo is a way of developing individuals. It is a unique combination of physical training and philosophy, which together make an effective educational system aimed at cultivating the potential of the individual. Through practice in the physical aspects of the art, one gains skill and confidence; through studying the philosophy, one learns how to improve one’s character. A person is capable of growing in any direction. Shorinji Kempo aims to nurture individuals so that they may contribute to the realisation of a peaceful and prosperous society.




Motivations and Goals for Founding Shorinji Kempo

Amidst the postwar turmoil, Doshin So (known as 'Kaiso' or 'founder' of Shorinji Kempo) discovered that events were greatly affected by the character and way of thinking of leaders. Accordingly, Kaiso recognised that leadership should be based on confidence, courage and a sense of justice. Determined to develop as many individuals as possible who could properly exercise leadership and thus create a peaceful and rich society, Doshin So started giving the youths, who lacked any kind of direction, lectures on how to live properly, as well as teaching them techniques that would effectively nurture their bodies and self-confidence.